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"Hand in hand, the myth awakens.


I smell you, you smell me. I feed you, you feed me. Who are you?


A commission is a collaborative work starting from an in-depth conversation. Nurturing intimacy is key to creating unique and personalised costume.

Fantasy fertilizing life.


From the guts we create artifacts; skins growing, talismans sprouting, armors forging, flowers flourishing...


The making process starts after the design is finalised and the quote agreed on.

This is an organic process where our initial ideas mature and evolve into greater gorgeousness.

A new skin is born.


Proudly, embody your dream vision, what alien creature will you become?


This is it! You've received the work, it is time for you to rise! Whether on a multinational tour, in a forest den, or in front of a camera on the highest mountain, they will be left wondering: "Where does this come from?"

Reach out via the "Contact" page and let's get blossoming!

You're the shape shifter dancing with reality."

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